Invitation to tender for Solar PV installation

Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd are looking to commission the installation of Solar PV on 3 of our roofs.

The expected timetable is to have the installations completed by the end of May 2022.


Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd, is a British, award-winning digital thermometer manufacturer, producing digital and infrared thermometers for food service and industry together with dataloggers, moisture meters, humidity and pH meters. Located in Worthing, West Sussex, ETI has three sites situated in Easting Close and Dominion Way. Our objective is to achieve a Net Zero status sometime between 2025 and 2030.


3 buildings -

  • Riverside House, Easting Close, Worthing, BN14 8HQ
  • Unit S, Dominion Way, Worthing, BN14 8NW
  • Unit 1, Dominion Way, Worthing, BN14 8NW


Our energy consumption is the following which we would like to match as much as possible.

Riverside House - 123,864kWh/ year

Unit S - 56,400kWh/ year

Unit 1 - 115,150kWh/ year

Project Details

We would like to see the following items in your proposal:

  • Cost breakdown of material and labour (ideally individual material costs visible)
  • Make, model and warranties of solar panels, inverters and installation
  • Estimated time scale to carry out the installation
  • It is a plus if the installer holds MCS certification and RECC membership
  • Expected lead time for the installation
  • The proposals can be done as desktop surveys. The successful bidder is expected to carry out a site visit to confirm the costs

Proposal Return Deadline: 9th March 2022

Award Criteria and Procurement Process

Proposals submitted will be assessed by Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd against the following criteria:

  • Are the items listed above included in the quote?
  • Quality of the products
  • Length of warranties on materials and workmanship
  • Installer’s qualifications, certifications and reputation
  • Value-for-money
  • Installer’s location
  • Lead times

Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd will notify bidders of our procurement decision mid-March 2022.

We will let bidders know whether they have been successful or not, via email.

Please send your proposal via email to Nicky Dumbleton by 9th March 2022.

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