industrial thermometer probe guide

industrial thermometer probes - a guide

Thermometers are only part of the system, of equal importance is the design of the industrial temperature probe used to physically measure the item. ETI manufactures an extensive range of type K or J industrial thermocouple probes and PT100 - RTD temperature probes to compliment our range of industrial thermometers.

Type K and J thermocouple probes are fast to respond to changes in temperature and they also have a wide measurement range. Resistance temperature detector probes are slower to respond to changes in temperature, but are generally more accurate.

Resistance temperature detectors (PT100 or RTD)
Resistance temperature detector (PT100 or RTD) probes consist of flat film or a wire wound platinum resistance sensor element. The measurement resistance value changes in line with the temperature being measured.

Thermocouple probes consist of two wires of dissimilar metals or metal alloys welded together. Thermocouples are based on the thermoelectric (Seebeck) effect. There are various types of thermocouples, types K and J being the most common industrial types used.

lead types
PVC lead is a general purpose lead with a maximum temperature of 100°C. Stainless steel braided lead is a high temperature (fibreglass insulated) lead with a maximum temperature of 350°C. As standard and where appropriate, each probe is supplied with a two metre lead and flying tails.

Applications quoted within this catalogue are typical for the specific probe, although there are many alternative uses for which the probe could be equally suitable.

Different probe lengths and diameters can be manufactured on request. Heavy duty probes can also incorporate temperature transmitters, process threads, thermopockets and hygienic fittings.

Where requirements cannot be met from the existing standard range of probes, alternative designs can be made to meet your specification. For advice on a specific probe for a particular application, please contact the ETI technical sales team.

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