Cybercrime - a growing threat

Cyber criminals are constantly trying to get their hands on your and our money.

For businesses and organisations, cybercrime is all encompassing — and its collective impact is staggering. Not only does cybercrime leave a mark financially, but it also has a significant impact on an organisation’s services, reliability, and reputation in the eyes of the public, shareholders, and even your own employees.

There are many differing types of cybercrime, including:

  • ransomware attacks
  • malware attacks
  • ransomware
  • phishing
  • stealing, leaking or manipulating data, information, or intellectual property
  • identity theft, or impersonating another person or company

Identity theft has become big business for criminals and millions have become victims in the last few years. It can be used in many ways including:

  • Spoof emails
  • Online shopping
  • Credit/Debit transactions
  • Online Banking 

We have recently received calls and emails from our customers checking if emails they have received for payment requests and new bank details were sent by us.

The first thing to say is that we are not changing our bank details.

However we cannot guarantee that you will not receive an email at one point that appears to have been sent by ETI Ltd or another supplier, even with our email address and signature or in the same email chain that was genuine.

Unfortunately these details can all be faked and copied - email addresses can be spoofed and headings, company logos and signatory details can be all stolen enabling the company to be impersonated by fraudsters.   

Do not take these emails at face value especially if they are asking you to make an immediate payment to a new bank account.

Always contact us and indeed any company by reliable and verified means, using a number, web link or email that you know to be correct and/or have used before. Avoid where possible clicking on web links or reply to's contained in emails.

If it is a company you deal with on a regular basis always ask to speak with your regular contact.

This should ensure that your payment goes to the right company and bank account.

If you pay into the wrong bank account you will be out of pocket as the criminals will transfer the funds immediately and in all probability they will never be traced.

A recent development involving the use of AI voice impersonation highlights the need to be wary, and double check any financial requests before transferring any funds. More information on that can be read here.

Following the above tips should help you stay safe and free from Cybercrime risk.

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