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panel & wall-mounted thermometer guide

panel thermometer guide

Panel and wall-mounted industrial thermometers are mains powered instruments that are designed for permanent installations in industrial processing applications.

Selecting the correct thermometer for an application is by definition very important, to achieve the maximum accuracy and repeatability of the temperature reading.

The selection criteria for a thermometer should include:
measurement range
resolution of the reading 1°C or 0.1°C
desired accuracy
durability and type of sensor

ETI panel or wall-mounted thermometers utilise one of two types of temperature sensors, thermocouple and resistance temperature detectors (RTD or PT100). Thermocouple thermometers and probes are both durable and fast to respond to changes in temperature; they also have a wide measurement range. Resistance temperature detector thermometers and probes are slower to respond to changes in temperature, but generally more accurate but less durable.

resistance temperature detectors (PT100 or RTD)
Resistance temperature detector (PT100 or RTD) probes consist
of flat film or wire wound platinum resistance sensor element.
The measurement resistance value changes in line with the
temperature being measured.

Thermocouple probes consist of two wires of dissimilar metals or metal alloys welded together. Thermocouples are based on the thermoelectric (Seebeck) effect. There are various types of thermocouple, types K, J and T being the most common, although type K is by far the most widely used. Therma D41 and D45 panel thermometers and Therma W41 and W45 wall-mounted thermometers are available in type K thermocouple as standard, but are also available in type J or T thermocouple. To specify a type J thermocouple thermometer the third number of the order code should be replaced with the number 9, for type T number 7.

optional mV output

Therma D41 and D45 panel thermometers and Therma W41 and W45 wall-mounted thermometers are available with a mV output, the Therma D41 has a 1mV per 0.1°C and the Therma D45 a 1mV per 1°C output. Contact the ETI sales office for further information.