ThermaData® WiFi & ThermaQ® WiFi

Quick Start Guide


1. Insert 2 x AA batteries and wait until the instrument no longer displays init

2. Press and hold both buttons for 5 seconds. The display will show 'SEt uP'

3. Connect to the WiFi network called 'ThermaData WiFi Dxxxxxxxxx' ('xxxxxxx' is the serial number on the rear of your instrument).

Once connected, open your web browser and visit: http://my.thermadatawifi/

5. Enter your WiFi network details and click 'Save Configuration'

6. The instrument will connect to the WiFi network and confirm it is connected.

7. Connect to the instrument with ThermaData Studio or the ThermaQ App.


You will need a flat-headed screwdriver (provided in box).

1. Place the instrument display-down on a solid surface.

2. Unscrew and remove the battery cover.

3. Remove batteries (top one first).

4. Fit new batteries, noting the polarities marked on the plastic.

5. Replace battery cover, then tighten battery screw.

6. Dispose of the old batteries appropriately.

If this is the first time the instrument has been used then it will need setting up in ThermaData Studio or the ThermaQ App.

If it has previously been used then it will attempt to reconnect to the WiFi and continue recording.

WARNING: IPA and other solvents may cause damage to the case and screen of this instrument.

Full operating instructions can be found on the ThermaData Studio Software.

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