Industrial thermometer guide

How to select an industrial thermometer....

The selection criteria for an industrial thermometer should include:
measurement range
resolution of the reading 1°C, 0.1°C or 0.01°C
desired accuracy
response time

ETI digital thermometers utilise one of three types of temperature sensors, thermocouple, NTC thermistor and resistance temperature detectors (RTD or PT100). Thermocouple thermometers and probes are fast to respond to changes in temperature, they also have a wide measurement range. Resistance temperature detector and NTC thermistor thermometers and probes are slower to respond to changes in temperature, but generally more accurate, although thermistor probes have a limited measurement range.

NTC thermistors
NTC thermistor probes are also based on a temperature dependent resistance change in the sensor element. But unlike resistance thermometer detectors, thermistors have a negative temperature coefficient, i.e the resistance decreases with increasing temperature.


resistance temperature detectors (PT100 or RTD)
Resistance temperature detector (PT100 or RTD) probes consist of flat film or wire wound platinum resistance sensor element. The measurement resistance value changes in line with the temperature being measured.

Thermocouple probes consist of two wires of dissimilar metals or metal alloys welded together. Thermocouples are based on the thermoelectric (Seebeck) effect. There are various types of thermocouple, types K and T being the most common, although type K is by far the most widely used.

  • Therma 1, 3 & Elite  industrial thermometersElite model includes backlight & max/min functions FREE traceable certificate of calibration included minimum 5 years battery life 2 year guarantee interchangeable thermocouple probes available sold excluding probe 

    £45.00 ex VAT
    £54.00   inc VAT

    in stock
    in stock
  • Legionnaire's / Legionella thermometer kit specifically designed for legionnella testing.0.1°C resolution probes included FREE certificate of calibration FREE water resistant timer FREE tub of 70 Wipes FREE ABS carrying case   

    £137.50 ex VAT
    £165.00   inc VAT

    in stock
    in stock
  • The Environmental Health Officer thermometer and probe kits are designed for EHO's. For a full specification on the included thermometers click here and here. These kits represent excellent value for money as each kit is supplied withFREE carrying caseTHREE temperature probes FREE tub of Probe-Wipes.

    £192.50 ex VAT
    £231.00   inc VAT

    in production - backorder only
    in production - backorder only
  • 4 Channel PTR Printing Temperature Recorder for logging & printing at user defined intervals 32000 readings, 8000 readings per channel type K or type T thermocouple sensor input user can personalise hard copy print-out indicates high & low alarm temperatures price excludes probes

    £430.00 ex VAT
    £516.00   inc VAT



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