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Affiliate Banner Selection

This page shows all currently available affiliate banners. Please right-click the one you would like to use and then save as....  You'll then be able to add it to your page content with your Affiliate Link to drive traffic and earn commissions. You may also use a text link to any page in the format indicated below. No banners may be used unless in conjunction with your unique affiliate code. To Display Banners, download image and copy code to your website:

<a href="*YOUR-AFFILIATE-CODE-HERE*"><img src="http://*yourwebsite/*location-to-image-on-your-site*/728x90AffiliateBanner.jpg" alt="" width="728" height="90" border="0" />

<a href="*YOUR-AFFILIATE-CODE-HERE*"><img src="http://*yourwebsite/*location-to-image-on-your-site*/728x90AffiliateBanner2.jpg" alt="" width="728" height="90" border="0" />

<a href="*YOUR-AFFILIATE-CODE-HERE*"><img src="http://*yourwebsite/*location-to-image-on-your-site*/728x90AffiliateBanner3.jpg" alt="" width="728" height="90" border="0" />
<a href="**YOUR-AFFILIATE-CODE-HERE*"><img src="http://*youwebsite/*location-to-image-on-your-site*/728x90AffiliateBanner4.jpg" alt="" width="728" height="90" border="0" />
Using the above example code you can modify this (ensuring you use the existing iamge name) and add any of the following banners easily to match the style of your site:
120x600AffiliateBanner.jpg 120x600AffiliateBanner2.jpg 120x600AffiliateBanner3.jpg 120x600AffiliateBanner4.jpg

250x250AffiliateBanner.jpg 250x250AffiliateBanner2.jpg
250x250AffiliateBanner3.jpg 250x250AffiliateBanner4.jpg
250x250AffiliateBanner5.jpg 250x250AffiliateBanner6.jpg

200x200AffiliateBanner.jpg 200x200AffiliateBanner2.jpg 200x200AffiliateBanner3.jpg
200x-200AffiliateBanner4.jpg 200x200AffiliateBanner5.jpg 200x200AffiliateBanner6.jpg
Alternatively you may link to any page on our site by using the following format:
<a href="*any-category/*any-product.html?referrer=*YOUR-AFFILIATE-CODE-HERE*">

As an example, if your affiliate code was abc123 in this link to the ETI TempTest 1 thermometer

The source code for the link would be: <a href="">ETI TempTest 1 thermometer</a>

If the link was to the catering thermometer category then the link would be:

<a href="">Catering Thermometers</a>

However you link, always be sure to include your unique affiliate code illustrated above. This will always be in the format: Link to ETI category?referrer=YOUR-AFFILIATE-CODE if you are linking to a cetegory or link to ETI category/product.html?referrer=YOUR-AFFILIATE-CODE if you are linking directly to a product page