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Saf-T-Log Improved and added features!

The latest Saf-T-Log software/firmware update has now been released and includes a host of new features and improvements to help you get the most from your Saf-T-Log.

The main benefits of the latest release software and firmware upgrade when used together include:

  • Adding up to 10 remedial actions for all the readings
  • Increasing number of items to 300
  • Improving time taken for instrument to respond to button presses
  • Increasing anticipated device battery life from 1000 to 2500 hours, and turned off life from 11 months to 16 months.
  • Prompting to change battery when Saf-T-Log plugged in with low battery
  • Amending embedded PDF to reflect filenote terminology not footnote
  • Prompting to save when closing 'add notes and corrective actions' window with unsaved changes
  • Updating "configure saf-t-log" enter/change/remove password handling
  • Adding option to set software to connect, download but not purge old readings
  • Changing instrument post-record prompt from "Recorded" to "record #xxxx"
  • Allowing buttons on instrument scroll when held down
  • Changing Auto-off to 10 minutes from last button press

The software and firmware updates can be downloaded from the downloads tab on the Saf-T-Log page or from The ETI software repository. If you have a software version earlier that v1.30.0 an/or a firmware version earlier the v1.25 update yours NOW!