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New Therma-Hygrometers


The 6002 and 6102 therma-hygrometers, designed and manufactured in the UK by ETI, are easy to use relative humidity and air temperature measuring instruments. The units measure %rh over the range of 0 to 100 %rh with a resolution of 0.1 %rh and temperature over the range of -20 to 70 °C with a resolution of 0.1 °C/°F.

The therma-hygrometers incorporate a clear custom LCD with °C, %rh, max/min, hold and dew point indication. Both the therma-hygrometers display humidity and temperature simultaneously and incorporate a backlit display. There is an automatic display of both open circuit and low battery.

The 6102 therma-hygrometer utilises an interchangeable probe that incorporates a one-metre lead with a 6-pin Lumberg connector. If the probe needs replacing, the instrument will not require re-calibration as the probes are fully interchangeable.

Both instruments are powered by three 1.5 volt AAA batteries with a minimum life expectancy of 10000 hours and an auto power off facility turns the instrument off automatically after 10 minutes, maximising battery life. The 6002 therma-hygrometer is priced at £80 and the 6102 therma-hygrometer and probe at £110, both plus carriage and VAT.